Hello! I’m Hannah Huffines, owner and baker here at Sweet Bites, and Sweet Bites is basically my love child. I’ve been crafting my own recipes since high school, when I sold cupcakes to fund my cell phone bill and thrifting addiction. Sweet Bites has changed since its original incarnation, from expanding beyond cupcakes to flirting with the idea of a storefront, but it changed most notably when I made the switch from a gluten-full menu to an entirely gluten-free collection.

Two years ago, some doctors wondered if I had a gluten intolerance and instructed me to cut out all gluten from my diet until my test results for Celiac disease came back. Frankly, I was devastated at the prospect of a gluten-free life. I’d had little luck with the gluten-free flour mixes I’d bought at grocery stores, and the gluten-free “bread” I’d tried was a very sad impostor. That’s when I decided that, no matter what the test results said, I needed to create a better gluten-free experience for myself and others. I threw myself into research, studying the chemical structures of various gluten-free flours to make a combination that would 1. chemically act like wheat flour does in baked goods and 2. taste delicious enough that no one would care whether or not it had gluten.  After six months of testing different combinations (and after six months of frustration and feeling like I was taking one step forward and two steps back), I finally settled on my treasured gluten-free flour blend, composed of seven different ingredients. I then began reworking all of my recipes with a high standard of quality and precision. This was after my test results came back and ruled out Celiac disease, by the way. I had become totally dedicated to my mission of creating  gluten-free goods that anyone would be delighted to eat.

Sweet Bites does all its taste testing on folks who don’t have to eat gluten-free, so if they give me the thumbs up, I know that I’ve hit the target. And if they ever tell me, “You know, it’s good for gluten-free,” I nix the recipe entirely and start over. “Good for gluten-free” isn’t good enough for me, and it isn’t good enough for you. That’s because, here at Sweet Bites, we’re dedicated to serving our customers a full range of delicious baked goods that are good, really good, period.